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Using the power of Nature and Love to create balance and beauty, we offer Recipes, Products and Programs to support and nurture your daily life

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Welcome to Temple Taste

Welcome to Temple Taste, a Seasonal Resource for simple and sumptuous Recipes for Life. Every kitchen can be a creative place for everyone to play, experiment and enjoy. Temple Taste brings home exquisite blends to spark your interest, ginger up your appetite and tantalize your taste buds. Discover the elements that make ordinary meals extraordinary.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to enjoy healthy dishes created in your own kitchen. Convenience foods are everywhere but all of the fancy packaged and prepared meals and fine dining in the World cannot emulate the flavors of Love put into home cooking. Welcome your heart home with magical masalas and curry spice blends, heirloom lentil selections and a large variety of custom herb and tea blends.

Using the awareness of Nature and the power of Love to create balance and beauty, we offer RecipesProducts and Programs to inspire your everyday kitchen alchemy. Discover what awakens your Senses.

Honoring Mother Nature

Modern Day Ayurveda

Temple Taste honors the six Tastes, the five Elements and the four Seasons of Mother Nature. Our style is a Modern Day Ayurveda, based on traditional teachings that have recognized the healing properties of food for centuries and have used kitchen alchemy as the primary medicine for healing Body, Mind and Spirit. Temple Taste serves as a touchstone for all of us to remember the beauty of our Hearts by connecting to the bounty of this Earth.

The original prescription for optimal health is composed of the earth’s wholesome flavors, aromas, colors, textures and vital nutrients. Temple Taste offers you resources to make simple and sumptuous meals with your Loving hands the way nature meant it to be.

Good anytime of day the delicate mellow flavor of mung dahl makes it easy to blend with any dish. So much to appreciate about the qualities of this quick-cooking, digestible, high protein nutrient-rich lentil rich in calcium and iron. Split yellow mung beans are an essential ingredient in Indian vegetarian cooking and their neutral composition make them ideal for all seasons.
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As Summer approaches lighter meals are the way to go. Recently I have provided these easy pate wraps for several gatherings. A perfect appetizer served with rice crackers or organic blue corn chips, sliced vegetables like cucumbers, jicama and heirloom carrot sticks. And if your feeling like making it a meal this pate transforms any veggie wrap.
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Inspired by Dr. Morning Wolf and my empowering Raphaology Session, I headed to the kitchen and created a healing golden dish to accompany a fresh Spring Salad for lunch. According to the Raphaology system of healing, Gold is the color that supports the Pituitary master endocrine gland.
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Mid-Summer is a time when days are long and activities many. With more sun and more fun in the schedule it is easy to skip out on nourishing home cooked meals. So when you’re looking for a satisfying bite to eat this one is easy to put together, nutrient rich yet light and easy to digest. The versatility of a one-pot meal makes it one my favorite cleansing and rejuvenating items to have on hand for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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A congested liver can lower the quality of life and lead to digestive and hormonal imbalances as well as emotional and anger challenges. Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda attribute liver congestion to heat that is trapped in the liver. It is imperative that one seek to clear and cool this vital organ through lifestyle changes and herbal allies and healing food choices.
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This recipe is a refreshing version of the popular Golden Milk with all of the beneficial properties of Ginger and Turmeric to soothe inflammation and the restorative properties of Goat or Sheep Yogurt, Local Bee Pollen and Raw Honey to increase energy and boost the immune system. A dash of vanilla adds a delicate touch to this nutritious golden elixir that makes for a satisfying snack anytime.
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What People are Saying

I have known Shivani Jane, a culinary Master Herbalist/Gourmet Chef for over 20 years. I started using these spice blends about a year or so back. They have replaced most of what I use to cook with today. They are simple to a perfection. They do not cover up the taste of whatever you use them with. The blends are bold but subtle enough to use with the most delicate white fish. Or strong enough to enhance your favorite lamb dish bringing out the true flavor of the lamb itself. It will turn the novice chef into a 5 star gourmet restaurant chef with out leaving the comfort of your own kitchen.

Dale Belvin

Yum! Just made Peach Cream Puree…delicious! Was wondering what to do with all my frozen peaches.

Jennifer Edson

Love the cup of Cacao Mate Love. It’s yummy!

Suki Glenn

Thanks for the guidance and support you’ve given me over our 6 sessions. I went to bed by 10 pm last night for the first time this year by promising spirit I would do it. I slept until 9:30 am this morning. Will continue this commitment and let myself sleep until I wake up, expecting to eventually wake earlier until I reach 7 am. I feel so good about this. Thanks again for your insights and encouragement.

Robin Wilson

Shivani introduced these magical treats to our midwife circle two years back, and now they are the favorite snack choice for my three tweens! They prefer these healthy treats over sugary foods. We have a guideline in the house – well, its more like a LAW, no one but Mama can eat the last Bliss Ball in the freezer. Shivani also offered me great low glycemic, low fat recipes to create for my Dad as he recuperates from his stroke. Thank you Shivani!!


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