2 Day Reset Cleanse

Come to Your Senses with this 2 Day Reset
Enjoy the Six Tastes of Health

A Soft Food Detox

The Green Rainbow Diet

The Green Rainbow Diet consists of plant-based foods including a variety of fruits and vegetables with an array colors in every meal. This two day program is a Soft Food Detox approach to cleansing your system. Give your body a break by fasting for 12-14 hours at night and eating only soft foods made from whole organic ingredients. Drink lots of water and supplement with the Energizing Lemon Drink and/or Temple Taste Herbal Infusions, if you like. Your primary kitchen tools are a blender, cutting board and vegetable knife, a nut milk bag or strainer and about nine 1 quart mason jars with lids to use as containers. I like to use the mason jars to measure out my 3 quarts of purified water each morning and use the others to store the vegetable soup and vegetable juice.

The recipes provide enough nourishment for 2 people for 2 days. So, get yourself a buddy and share the Reset Cleanse & Rejuvenate experience. Or enjoy incorporating these dishes into your daily diet for the a few more days. Discover how easy it is to align with Nature’s way to enhance your health without compromising the Sensory delight of Taste.


Getting Started

The fundamentals of Self-care are simple: eat when you are hungry, drink when you’re thirsty, rest when you’re tired and Love your Self unconditionally. It sounds so simple but most of us frequently deny ourselves the luxury of these necessities. The primary purpose of the 2 Day Reset is to create an invitation for you to “Come to your Senses” and Not dismiss your Self or your essential needs.

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