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We are excited to offer you our creative fall-winter assortment of nourishing teas masalas and curries. Masalas and curries are frequently used spice blends that are traditionally used throughout Asia and India. Generously spiced meat and lentil dishes are thought to have originated in ancient civilizations with the spice and herb blends being made by the women who would hand roast, grind with a mortar and pestle and store in jars for daily use. Some of these blends became cultural hallmarks of the regional cooking and reflected the foods and lifestyle of the people. Curries began their international influence in the mid-18th century when the British sought after these precious culinary jewells and spice traders brought them over -seas.

Our blends maintain many elements of the longstanding traditions. Inspired by the season we gather organic herbs and spices to create sumptuous blends that will simplify the process of making nourishing meals at home. Honoring the art of this tradition our herbs and spices are hand roasted, ground and masterfully blended to represent the six tastes of Ayurveda. Made with the intention to bring forth the flavor and delight of life, each blend is sure to awaken your senses and exalt your everyday cooking.

Discover more about our products and services online or through our grass root sisterhood of health practitioners. If you feel inspired you can host or attend a  one-day retreat to Attune to the Season or contact us for a Personal Consultation. Also check in this winter and spring for online Cleanse & Rejuvenate  programs. 

Enjoy our recipes in the earth spirit of  Simple, Seasonal and Sumptuous

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