Enjoy the Seasonal musings and the beingbliss Spring assortment of herbal infusions and balancing Spice blends to build digestive fire and awaken your senses. Attune yourself with our fresh recipes and inspiration being posted weekly.

Healing emphasis:  Spring is the time to birth the dreams you created in the quiet reflection of winter. Use this powerful Seasonal transition to initiate your health plan and rediscover the potency of whole foods growing wild and nearby.

Cleanse your system with nourishing leafy greens, edible dandelion leaves, wild and fiery mustard greens and arugula and kale. Fresh greens reflect the color and vibrancy of the season, containing energizing chlorophyll, vital minerals and vitamins with fiber to sweep away toxins and clean the digestive system.

Harvesting emphasis:  Wild greens have been traditionally gathered this time of year to eat fresh and prepare tinctures and herbal infusions.  Growing wild in our backyards and surrounding nature preserves and fields you can harvest dandelion greens, nettles, fiddleheads, mustard greens, plantain, watercress, fiddleheads, purslane, sorrel, lamb’s quarters, chickweed, burdock, shepherd’s purse, wild prickly lettuce, sour grass, and garlic grass. Check online or with a nature guide for a visual description and guidelines to harvesting wild plants and edible weeds in your area.

Spring brings forth and abundance of flowers including edible red clover blossoms and nasturtium. Bright and colorful nasturtium flowers and leaves add a spicy accent in a tossed green salad or sandwich and sweet red clover makes a delicious herbal infusion. Available in most gardens fresh rosemary and lavender awakens the senses in herbal infusions and adds an aromatic accent to home made lemonade or infused water.

Physical emphasis:  The Season of Spring has emphasizes on the wood element and the sour, bitter and astringent tastes that cleanse and enliven the cellular tissues of our bodies. These tastes are prevalent in many of the wild and harvested plants and vegetables growing this time of year.

Mental & Emotional emphasis:  This is the season ruled by the liver and gallbladder organs. The liver serves as the seat of the emotions. Creativity vs. Anger is a positive pathway to take.  Use daily affirmations to renew clarity and purpose and consider a gentle cleanse program to remove the toxins from the liver and clear the pathways for emotional equanimity.

With all of the beauty of that surrounds us, it makes sense that it is reflected in the sense organ of the eyes. Find ways to soften your gaze and invite the fresh green colors of the season to gently invigorate your visual field. See where you can look at your life with fresh eyes and discover a new perspective.

Spiritual emphasis:  The lively songs of the neighboring birds remind us of the calling sound that surrounds and signals the innocence of the Season. The archetype of the Child offers an image to go forth into our lives embodying the essence of joy and curiosity. Take time in nature and nurture these qualities to celebrate the Season with friends-family and your Self.

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