Inspired by bullet coffee from the popular ketogenic diet Cacao mate morning cup of Love has become my favorite way to start the day. Discover how this tasty concoction powered with healthy fats, raw cacao and Yerba Mate can provide vital fuel for your brain, enhance focus and alertness, increase physical endurance while naturally improving metabolism and reducing inflammation.

Here’s what nutritional scientists have discovered despite what you may be thinking about this NO need- to-guilt pleasure. One of the best things about consuming more fat and protein and less carbohydrates is that it leads to an automatic appetite reduction so you end up eating and needing much fewer calories. Evidence has also shown this dietary approach can enhance performance, improve brain function and immunity, while lowering elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and abdominal fat.

This morning cup of love has real sustaining power and is rich in magnesium, calcium and other essential vitamins including trace minerals and essential heart-healthy fats. The goat butter is slightly alkaline unlike slightly acidic cow butter or cream, supports calcium absorption and boosts a healthy immune system. The cacao butter has energizing healing properties rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and B vitamins. It also reduces inflammation can improve skin health, quality of hair while decreasing the signs of aging. What’s not to love here?

1 c. purified water boiling (add more water if desired)
1 heaping Tablespoon Temple Taste Cacao Mate Love
1 T. goat butter
1 T. cacao butter
Variations:  Substitute or add additional oil from 1 T. canned coconut cream or 1 T. coconut manna or 1 T. MCT oil.
Optional: Add a touch of stevia or monk fruit for a bit more sweetness if desired. Less is more with sweeteners.

Place Cacao Mate blend in a cup with strainer, add boiling water and steep  for 2-3 minutes. Place Goat Butter. Cacao Butter or other Oil choices in blender with hot steeped Cacao Mate.. Whirl for 10 seconds and pour creamy concoction in your favorite mug. Sip and Savor the Love.

Note: If you don’t have being bliss Cacao Mate on hand but you have cacao nibs and Yerba mate you can grind cacao nibs to break them down a bit and add equal amount of Yerba mate and a dash of Temple Taste Persian Masala or Mexican Mole and whala you have a Cacao mate Blend.