This creamy concoction inspires tea, coffee, smoothies, berries and all of my senses with every loving spoonful. Naturally uplifting with  aromatic spices and exotic flavors from the Persian Masala featuring fresh ground cardamom, red roses petals and cinnamon. This creamy perfection is also perfect for keto or vegan style diets, rich with naturally saturated fats that increase the good HDL cholesterol in your body and provide healthy fuel your brain.

1 Can Coconut Cream  (full fat)
1/4 c. Cacao Butter
2 T. Monk Fruit (golden granulated)
1/2 t. Temple Taste Persian Masala
Optional: 1/4 t. Almond Extract

Place all of the ingredients in the blender and whirl on high for 1 minute or until creamy and smooth.
Store in a sealed jar in the refrigerator and use as desired.
Note: Monk Fruit and food grade Cacao Butter are available at many Natural food grocers and online at Thrive Market and Amazon.












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