Farmers 7 Vegetable Soup is Inspired by a rainbow of colors and a vegetable stand of flavors that make a delicious nutritional foundation for any food plan. As every visit to the market offers a slightly different variety of vegetables each pot of soup offers unique flavor combinations that include the 6 tastes to support health of body, mind and spirit. Rotation of foods occurs naturally when we eat foods that are freshly harvested and plentiful. The plants that grow each Season are naturally balanced with 6 tastes that reflect the elements. so by eating foods locally grown and in Season you are receiving the 6 tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, pungent to sustain health.
Since this recipe makes a generous portion, it can serve as the primary nourishment  for your weekly meals (just add healthy oil like hihg quality virgin olive oil full of polyphenols and a portion of protein). Farmers soup is is the perfect companion for a cleanse and rejuvenation plan since it is easy to digest and assimilate, giving your system opportunity to heal and rest .
Serve it up daily, share a quart with a friend or freeze it for later either way you are sure to be surprised every time with the fresh quality and taste. And yes. the list of ingredients may seem exceedingly long, but this is the result of  scientific research that has almost every healing regimen and health guru advocating for a minimum of 7-9 vegetables a day to supply the necessary vitamins and minerals and micro-nutrients for optimal health. So get your farmers market soup going on!

Note: The few things required to get this into your weekly routine is a trip to your local farmers market or organic vegetable supplier, a good vegetable knife, cutting board, a 2 cup measuring cup, big pot with ladle and a good blender. Once you have gathered your goods it’s easy. 

1 Red Onion (2 cups) and Or Leeks
1-2 Fennel Bulbs (1 cup)
4 inch Ginger Root (1/8 cup)
3 Garlic Cloves Or Scallions
1-2 Parsnips Or Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) (1-2 cups)
1 Sweet Potato (2 cups) (omit if strict keto)
2 Broccoli Crowns (2 cups) Or 1 Cauliflower (2 cups)
1 Kale or Collards Or Spinach bunch (3-4 cups)
1/2 bunch Cilantro Or Dill or Basil (1/2 cup.packed)
Add about 6 cups of water with 3-4 bullion cubes Or vegetable broth to blend
Real Salt and cayenne to taste.
Garnish: Lemon juice and Virgin Olive Oil or see variation below.
Variation: For a creamy smooth soup add a can of Coconut Milk (this really softens and melds the flavors together)
and a couple teaspoons of Temple Taste Curry and a couple of Tablespoons Coconut Aminos can add a delightful touch.
Note; The recipe allows for lots of options (or) not necessary to do it all at once so choose what is fresh and resonates best.

Wash – Chop – Cook – Blend – Store (preparation time about 20 minutes – makes 4 quarts of soup)
Place 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil in a large soup pot on medium heat. Wash and chop the vegetables, placing them in the pot in the order listed: 1. Red Onion, Fennel Bulb, Ginger Root, Garlic Cloves, Parsnips or Jerusalem artichokes, Sweet Potato, Broccoli or Cauliflower, a bunch of Greens of your choice, and a  herb bunch of your choice.
Vegetables can be cut in big chunks since it is all getting blended and each time you add something  to the pot stir it all around.
When you add the broccoli and greens you will need to add 1 cup of water or vegetable broth so the bigger vegetables can steam a bit.
the whole process takes about 20 minutes (turn heat lower if cooking to fast.)
Lightly cook the vegetables so they will be firm yet soft and still vibrant in color.
Remove from heat and begin to place things in blender.
Scoop the vegetables from the pot and place in a blender  adding water or vegetable broth. Whirl till smooth.
You will need to repeat this process of blending a couple of times as this recipe makes a big batch. Add extra water  or vegetable broth if needed and coconut milk if you would like an extra creamy soup. 7 Veggie soup can be stored in mason jars and placed in the refrigerator or frozen for later (make sure the jars are not too full when freezing and lids are loose till contents freeze.

Note: You can easily make your own vegetable broth by placing the bits and parts of the vegetables that you would discard in a stock pot,. (stems and ends (the small tough stems of fennel), tough outer peels (sweet potato, onion and broccoli) and any other bits…
Simmer the vegetable parts on low in a large pot with lid for a few hours or less to use as the Vegetable stock for your soup.