Yesterday I was returning from a family gathering in the Sierras and on my day of travel I was so Inspired by the Golden Fields of California. The Warm Gold hues created by the Sun settled my Spirit as I drove through the hillsides and valleys, and viewed the array of dried foliage alongside the ribbons of roads. And on my return I was greeted yet again by color of sunshine on the faces of our mammoth sunflowers lining the path and welcoming me back home. Under the influence of such captivating visuals I noticed how deeply my heart was touched and uplifted by the supportive colors of yellow and gold that surround us in these Summer months. So when I awoke with a little bit of traveling fatigue it seemed natural that I would resource once again with the Golden Summer Elements and  blend up one of my favorite rejuvenating elixirs. This recipe is a refreshing version of the popular Golden Milk with all of the beneficial properties of Ginger and Turmeric to soothe inflammation and the restorative properties of Goat or Sheep Yogurt, Use  Local Bee Pollen and Raw Honey to increase energy and boost your immune system. A dash of vanilla adds a delicate touch to this nutritious golden elixir that compliments vegetarian meals and makes for a satisfying snack anytime.

1 c. goat/sheep yogurt
¾ c. purified water
1 T. raw honey
½ t. vanilla extract
½ t.Temple Taste Essential Masala or turmeric powder
¼ t. or ½ inch fresh turmeric root
¼ t. or ¼ inch fresh ginger root
Optional: 1 T. local bee pollen

In a blender place 1 cup goat or sheep yogurt, ¾ cup purified water, 1 Tablespoon raw honey, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract and
½ teaspoon Temple Taste Essential Masala or turmeric powder.
Add to the blender a sliced ½ inch fresh turmeric root and ¼ inch fresh ginger root (about 1/4 teaspoon each).
Blend all ingredients for a minute on low gradually increasing speed to high to create a smooth and creamy Golden Lassi.

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