If you are looking for a yummy treat that’s fresh, energizing and mineral rich you have found it here. This Mint Chip Milkshake is an excellent replacement for ice cream and if you close your eyes you might not even be able to tell the difference. (except is not sickening sweet and it’s full of nutrients) And who knew that peppermint has so many health benefits aside from being a really good tummy soother and reducing nausea, both raw cacao nibs and peppermint have natural anti-oxidants that fight heart disease, diabetes, aging and cancer. So here’s to your health. Cheers.

1 c. coconut milk from a can (full fat)
1 c. unsweetened macadamia milk or nut milk of your choice
1 c. spinach (packed)
1/4 c. or 2 scoops Keto Collagen Vanilla (Ancient Nutrition is my favorite brand)
2 T. chia seeds (soaked for at least 30 min. in 1/4 c. water)
2 sprigs or 8 leaves fresh peppermint
1 drop Doterra peppermint essential oil
2-3  ice cubes (gives it the ice-cream feeling)
1/8 c or 2 T. raw cacao nibs (place in after blending the other ingredients smooth)
Optional: a pinch of Temple Taste Persian Masala (because cardamom and rose goes with everything1)
Note: if you like it sweeter add a dash of monk fruit or stevia

Place all of the ingredients except the cacao nibs in the blender and whirl for 1 minute till everything is smooth.
Add the cacao nibs and whirl for 10-15 seconds to break them into tiny bits, but not dissolve them..
Check the consistency and whirl again  till your are satisfied. Enjoy!





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