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It’s All About Balance

Unfortunately Modern times and conveniences have taken us away from living life in balance with earth’s elements and each other. And too often our independent, fast-paced lifestyles and habits prevent us from slowing down and feeling the way in which nature nurtures our entire being. Over time this can cause imbalances and dis-ease in our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

Through our Temple Taste resources you can restore balance with a grassroots community that shares life-giving practices to honor and support Your Temple – Your Body. We have taken the time to create  balancing blends of herbs and Seasonal recipes to make it easy for you to have an enlivening sensory experience that can awaken cellular memory to health and bring you to the heart of what matters – heart, earth and home.


What We Offer

All of our offerings are created from the original nature-based template for health and healing honoring the six tastes, the five elements and the four Seasons. Based on current research and traditional teachings we gather and create life-sustaining products and programs to make healthy living accessible. This approach utilizing the elements of kitchen alchemy and Modern Day Ayurveda awakens your memory to bring life naturally into balance.

Cleanse & Rejuvenation Programs

Our fast-paced lifestyle, modern conveniences and habits can deplete and imbalance the body and mind overtime. The obstacles that often need clearing are habits of Not: not resting, not sitting to eat, not drinking enough water, not tasting, not being in touch with our internal rhythms and not having support. Our Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program gently clears the body of toxins and quiets the mind inviting you to Love and Appreciate your life a little more each day. Tailored to meet the needs of your constitution and lifestyle, this program includes a week of guidance for Self-care and simple dietary guidelines. The program will highlight Seasonal foods, spices and herbs and tonics with tastes and qualities that naturally restore balance. Recipes, Inspiration and a Kitchen Alchemy kit are provided for the week along with guidance for an easy transition in and out of your program. Contact Temple Taste to join or create a group to experience the power of community.
Discover what brings you alive.

Resource Gatherings

Experience the enhancing power of Temple Taste’s grassroots community honoring nature’s rhythms and friendship. Resource Gatherings are collaborative happenings that offer restorative connections through life giving practices and presence. Gathering brings people together to share and enjoy wholesome food, treats and a warm cup of tea. Temple Taste offers themes that are relevant to the Season and group, including cooking classes, somatic self-care, restorative yoga, exploration with nature, expressive art and activities that transcend the stars and the sky as a limit. Together we create a celebration with joyful memories to sustain our timeless heart connections. Contact Temple Taste to join or create a gathering: Tea, Luncheon or Resource Day and experience the joy of community.
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Personal Support

Sometimes there are heavy things that can get in the way of feeling the vitality and the natural flow of life force. Longstanding habits and imbalances can block the way to seeing clearly a possibility of change or a new pathway. Through the presence of coming together, a deeper quality of listening can naturally reveal the elements necessary to enlighten the way. Through this attending you can emerge empowered to take the steps in the direction of your highest good. I invite you to experience how presence and partnership can create the conditions for remarkable changes in perception. Allow support to create the way for you to fulfill your healthy aspirations. For personal support contact Temple Taste to arrange in-person or video calls that can allow you to taste the sweetness of being you.
Discover what brings you to balance.

Online Personal Support and Consultation
90 minute session – $100
Series of 3 Consultations- $360
Nourishing Kitchen Inspiration
4 hour session – $360
Includes Pantry review and organization, Recipe and Meal planning, 
Food preparation and Cooking guidance.

* This DNA test gave me the road map to improving my health and energy. I highly recommend it before consultation as it can give us specific information to create a dietary approach specific to your internal terrain. This evaluation takes into consideration weaknesses and strengths that will aide you in making empowering health enhancing choices every day. It is an easy at home DNA test kit and report that can provide guidance through a whole-body approach of personalized diet, lifestyle, and environmental insights for vibrant health.

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