As cool weather arrives cravings for carbs; crusty bread spread thick with butter, fun sugary cookies or chocolate deserts rich in fat. Not entirely a bad thing however holidays have not even quite around the corner. So it seems maybe a good thing when we can resist the urge to stuff ourselves with calories lacking in nutritive value and find foods that will satisfy. Today as i opened my refrigerator to source a quick and easy  lunch i was slightly disappointed to see that i had nothing ready made for my mid-day feast. So, drawing from what I did have here’s what i came up with.  Savory, totally satisfying and easy…

Quick & Easy Power Lunch


2 c. baby organic kale

2 T. Olive OIl

1 lime juiced

about 1/2 t. braggs aminos or namah shoyu or soy sauce OR 1-2 t. coconut aminos with a dash of salt

2 T. nutritional yeast

1/8 c. pumpkin seeds

2 T. hemp seeds

1 avocado cubed

1- 1/2 T. red onion chopped (more or less as desired)

optional a dash of cayenne


combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl and mix together well.

Get a fork and dig in and Enjoy

1 serving as a meal  – 2 servings as a side dish.

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