To Begin
A health crisis can create a catalyst for change, opening channels to move from crisis to chrysalis. During this time it can be beneficial to utilize the resources in your kitchen to provide a nourishing foundation for your body to flourish. Consider what supports your system and consider what things Don’t! Sugar, Alcohol, Dairy, Meat and processed foods and even coffee are acidic and can contribute to an unhealthy environment especially when consumed in excess. Tending to your digestion is a loving way to nurture and provide essential self-care. As certain foods can be difficult to digest creating a source of inflammation or imbalance weakening the system and/or activating an immunity reaction.
Organic whole foods made with Love is a simple recipe for enhancing digestion and strengthening your immune system.
The Immunity Enhancing List offers ways you can support yourself in a time of pathogenic stress. The top 5 are daily sustainers of health and the others are resources that have been recognized by numerous naturopathic professionals as allies for building immunity and maintaining health. Consult your health provider if you have any questions regarding the usage, concerns or symptoms.

Immunity Enhancing Support
Love, Love, (Love yourself in every way, every day)
Drink Water (lots of purified water stay hydrated 3-4 quarts a day)
Eat Organic Fresh Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits and Herbal Infusions (fresh and organic 7-9 each day)
Regular Meal Times (include good protein source at breakfast)
Refrain from eating after 6 p.m. (Temple Taste has herbal infusions and custom immunity-mineral enriching blends to sip on in the evening)
Mushrooms for Immunity (Shitake, Maitake, Chaga, Reishi….)
Thyme and Oregano Tea add Peppermint of Lemonbalm for flavor  (fresh or dried) (antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial)
Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc (food sources and supplements support immune system)
B Vitamins (food sources and supplements support nervous system)
Digestive Enzymes (with protease support digestion and metabolic healing processes. protease breaks down pathogens)
Colloidal Silver (use in your nose and eyes when traveling and when returning from public areas to kill virus and bacteria)
Oregano Oil and Doterra On-Guard in capsules (strong antiviral use in moderation for prevention and increase dose when sick)
Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oil  (place a few drops on palms of hands and soles of feet protects and supports immunity)
Refrain from foods that are acid and mucus forming. Sugar, Alcohol, Meat, Dairy and Processed Food.
(mucus and acidic environments create an environment for disease.) 

Immunity Rejuvenation
This is not meant to be a time for deprivation so, let the things that don’t serve naturally fall away and discover a world of taste that is available to nourish your body, mind and heart. In regards to supporting our systems deep nourishment is the course of action that is best .

Listen In
How you feel in the morning can be a good indicator of the general health of your system. How is your Digestion, assimilation, and daily elimination? Heaviness, sinus congestion or discharge, cloudy thinking, aches and pains these are just a few symptoms that can reveal your imbalances.  Enzymes can support digestion and products with protease can be helpful especially when you are needing to support your immune system. Supplemental enzymes and foods high in enzymes like avocados, fresh berries and sprouts allow metabolic enzymes to be more available to fight off pathogens. Gut health is key to your immunity. Supplementation to support friendly flora, and foods with probiotics and pre-biotics (foods that support the probiotics) will optimize your immune system.

Slow Down
As we are being called to slow down and go within it may feel timely to give your adrenals a rest. Reducing or eliminating forms of caffeine and stimulants will give your all of your systems an opportunity to restore. A good source of protein at breakfast with regular meal times allows your adrenals to rest and reset to an internal rhythm that elicits overall feelings of safety. Here are some ideas for eating for your immunity: find healthy substitutes for old habits that include not so healthy comfort foods, don’t deny yourself the taste of pleasure just make it nourishing, eat what you can digest, once or twice a week include your ancestors foods and traditional dishes, consider consuming a little less, creating more space for digestion, and stay clear of food and thoughts that place a strain on your digestion and overall health. Remember it is not beneficial to eat when you are in distress or upset as digestion shuts down during times of survival, when the adrenals are overly activated.

Eating primarily plant based diet organically sourced from local farmers and is another way you can be in balance with rhythms of earth, the elements and Season. Share the experience with friends and family: preparing food and sharing it naturally restores our sense of community and connection with each other. Enjoy the process of gathering foods close to the source and trying new things, as changing up your habits  creates some spice for life. Take this time to slow down and respond to the invitation to come home to your place of belonging. Be a guest of honor at your own table and give thanks for the amazing elements that effortlessly provide you with life-force everyday.  Look deeply to see the hands and hearts that contribute to your daily bowl of sustenance, breath in and smell the Season. Now is the time to pause, set aside your activities, thoughts and conversation to fully enjoy every bite. And in silence savor the tastes of Love.

Temple Taste Support:
Cultivating the art of eating in your kitchen is where the alchemy for your health begins. Temple Taste provides plant based recipes, herbal infusions and traditional spice blends (curries and masalas) to support a Modern Ayurvedic Lifestyle, using nature’s elements and love to transform food and create a sanctuary for your senses.  Food harvested fresh and prepared simply is our original source of medicine. With a focus on deep nutrition and the 6 tastes, Temple Taste recipes use nourishing Seasonal ingredients that naturally balance body, mind and spirit.  And there are lots of healthy fun comfort food recipes. If you are needing support getting started or along the way, I am happy to join you in your journey with personal sessions online or in person, cooking lessons, kitchen and pantry organization and culinary support that meets your individual needs. contact Shivani 858.353.0936

Additional Resources:
Food is our best source of nutrients and it is important to note that the supplements mentioned above are not for everyone. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all, your dietary and supplementation plan is as unique as the fruits we harvest and the course of action you choose must resonate with you. If you are needing to seek further support there are wonderful resources in our community to tailor an immunity and supplementation plan that is appropriate for you and your individual constitution. The inspiring recipes on the website and the immunity enhancing list above offer basic ways to support your system. There are numerous supplements and specific herbals remedies to support imbalances and sickness. Please consult your health practitioner if you have any concerns or symptoms.

Daily Inspiration: Plant a herb and vegetable garden. There is nothing more satisfying then picking fresh vegetables and herbs.from your own yard. And so many herbs like mint, thyme, oregano, lemon balm and so many more grow like weeds. Low maintenance for so much pleasure and benefit.