This Summer salad is inspired by the fruit carts in Mexico that sell fresh tropical fruit bowls sprinkled with chili and a squeeze of lime. The accent of lime and Temple Taste Caribbean Masala blended with fresh mint or basil take the ordinary experience of  refreshing fruits to an exotic experience of taste.
5 c. Watermelon cubes
2 T. Lime juice (1 Large Lime)
1 T. Basil or MInt leaves
1/2 t. Temple Taste Caribbean Masala (add more if desired)
a pinch or two Real Salt
Note: The simple version is to toss Watermelon cubes with Lime juice and Caribbean masala. Omit or finely mince the basil or mint.
Variation: Use Papaya or Mango or a combination of Tropical Fruits.

Place 2 Tablespoon Lime juice and 1/2 teaspoon and 1 T. Basil leaves in blender. Toss  Watermelon cubes or other Tropical fruits with dressing and a pinch of Real salt.