Maybe it’s just me, but I am just over spending so much money on small bottles of friendly flora to sustain a healthy gut and tired of expensive fermented drinks that are laden with too much sugar. So, if you Don’t have an aversion to grains and you enjoy having a small  mason jar sprouting lab on your drainboard this recipe is for you. Easy to make if you can stay with the morning and evening rinsing ritual. This original friendly flora recipe is sourced from Hippocrates Live Food Institute. This refreshing life giving drink is full of pro-biotics, pre-biotics and enzymes and that will support healthy intestinal flora and aide in digestion. Remember you are not just what you eat, Your are what you digest!
Note: This recipe is made with sprouted red wheat berries or spelt berries
Therefore if you are seriously gluten or grain intolerant it will not be an appropriate drink for you.

Purified water to soak, rinse and make the Rejuvalac
1/2 c. sprouted wheat or spelt berries
2 quart mason jars
2 sprouting lids and two sealing lids

Step 1
Overnight or for a Day soak 1/2 cup red wheat or spelt berries in a quart mason jar with 2 cups purified water with a sprouting lid covering the jar.
Step 2
Drain and Rinse the berries. And place the sprouting lid back on the jar. Placing the jar on it’s side or tilted so excess water can drain. (a dish rack or just along the side of your kitchen sink is a good place)
Rinse and drain the sprouting berries every morning and every night
The sprouting process can take 2-3 days depending on the temperature.
(Warmer weather sprouts faster and often requires and extra rinse if you are around to prevent spoilage.)
Sprouts will appear like little white tails on the end of the berries.
Step 3
Once the sprouts have sprouted place in a blender with 6 cups of purified water. Blend on high for about 6 seconds.
The berries need to be broken up in half but not macerated. If they need another quick whirl repeat briefly.
Step 4
Pour the wheat berry water into the two quart mason jars dividing the berries evenly between the two jars.
Place the sprouting screens back onto the tops of the jars or place a cotton mesh cloth or paper towel over the opening of the jar.
Stir your mixture every morning and every evening for about 2 days with a metal knife or long spoon
(Again warmer weather will ferment the mixture quicker so, check in by tasting)
Step 5
The Rejuvalac is ready when it has a light lemony mildly sour flavor. If it goes longer it will get stronger in taste yet still be good. (unless it’s not!! Smell – Taste – Discern.
Once ready strain the liquid from the berries and place in 2 mason jars with a air tight lid and Store in the refrigerator.
Usage: Drink 1/2 to 1 cup in the morning or evening or before meals.

For a second batch take the sprouted berry pulp and combine them into one jar adding a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Rejuvalac back into the jar and Repeat this process stirring every morning and every night for a 1-2 days or when the lemony mildly sour flavor is apparent.

Note: It smells bad when it has gone off. Throw it out and start again making sure your jars and utensils are clean and monitoring the process each morning and night. Don’t worry If you forget to rinse and drain or stir once in a while as this process is usually forgiving and does not require perfection.

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