Here is a fresh twist on a summer potato salad combining sweet and lively flavors with a high dose of nutrients. Sweet potatoes and fennel are rich fiber, potassium for electrolyte balance and heart health and vitamin C. This most versatile vegetable also contains vitamin A for healthy eyes, skin and bones, iron and folate for a strong immune system. Fennel contains a high concentration of essential oils that offers outrageous flavor and have been found to have anti-fungal and bacterial properties. The toasted Pumpkin seeds provide another delicious dimension of flavor while being rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. The nutritional profile in this powerhouse seed includes magnesium, zinc and plant based Omega 3’s.
Best of all the combination of all 3 makes for a super yummy meal.

4-5 c. of boiled sweet potatoes (about 9 small 5-6 medium)
1 c. (1 medium red onion)
2 c. (1 fennel bulb)
2 T. ghee or organic unsalted butter
2 T. organic virgin coconut oil
2 T. grated ginger
1 c. pumpkin seeds
2 T. braggs aminos or wheat tamari

Boil sweet potatoes whole for 15-20 minutes. (cut large ones in half to expedite the process)
Important to watch them carefully so they do not overcook. Tender yet still a little firm (don’t let them cook to the point of soft and squishy). Smaller ones will need removing from pot sooner.
Cool sweet potatoes and remove peels. Then cut into bite size cubes and place in a bowl.
Note: If they did get a little soft cooking refrigerated before cutting.
While potatoes are cooking chop red onion and begin to sauté for a few minutes while you are chopping the fennel bulb. Add the fennel to the pan and then grate the ginger.
Once the ginger is added continue cooking on low until the fennel is tender yet still crisp.
Toast pumpkin seeds when they are golden brown and popping add the brags or tamari
Stir another couple minutes to dry out the seeds again.
Add all ingredients in a bowl, stir and serve warm or cool.
Serves about 8

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