These Tasty treats are the sure way to follow your Bliss! The picture says it all … bliss balls are a favorite among many. There’s a lot to celebrate in Life and  it’s important to have sustaining food  sources on hand. In the Season of Sun extra heat can deplete our bodies so mineral rich foods are important. This elegant little ball of bliss is made with Persian Masala one of the most popular blends at Temple Taste. Tahini is a nutrient rich food excellent for building healthy bones and bodies as it is full of healthy fats, protein, calcium and trace minerals. Tahini Bliss Balls are easy to make and store well so I often use the whole jar to double the recipe. Kids love to help with the preparation and rolling and they make excellent treats alongside a cup of Temple Taste tea and herbal blends.

1 c. Tahini Fresh Raw Rejuvenate Foods
1 c. Brown Rice or Quinoa Crisp Cereal
1/2 c. Dried Coconut ground or fine flakes
1/4 c. Raw Honey
2 t. Vanilla Extract
1 t. Persian Masala
a pinch of Real Salt
Additional:  3/4 c. Dried Coconut Flakes (ground or fine flakes for rolling

Elegant Variation: 1/2 t. Lemon or Tangerine Zest
Nutritional Variation: Add 1/2 c. Hemp seeds or Ground Sesame  Seeds in the mix and or for rolling
Drain off the excess oil in the Tahini jar and save it for later use. Measure all ingredients into a bowl. Mix together thoroughly. If the mixture is too dry you can add some of the oil back in. If the mixture is too soft you can add more ground coconut or sesame seeds to firm the consistency so it will form easily.
Take a heaping teaspoon full of mixture and roll in additional coconut to form a perfect sphere of bliss. Place in refrigerator to firm and store in an airtight container. Remove from the refrigerator to bring to room temperature to serve.

Notes: Use coffee or herb grinder to grind the Sesame seeds and dried Coconut if the flakes are too course. It is best to use these items in there whole form and grind as needed to obtain the most nutritive  and flavor value. Hemp seeds will slightly shift the flavor while adding additional nutrients.

Also there are some brands of Fresh Raw Tahini in the refrigerated section. These are my favorite as they are lighter in flavor and a little bit easier to digest. However if it is unavailable you can use the Tahini found on the shelf, but often it is necessary to drain some of the excess oil out of the jar. That oil can be set aside and used to moisten the mixture if needed  or later for a condiment on foods or a base for a salad dressings.


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