This is the first of a weekly post I will be offering. It is intended to co-inspire you in the kitchen and generate a conversation around how we can keep it Simple, Sumptuous and somewhat Seasonal. The idea is to create a resource of high quality ready made food to provide sustenance throughout the week. In embarking on this Self-empowering act of kindness you are sure to experience the joy of playing in the kitchen as you enhance your your health and well-being. Additional side effects include reducing the food costs of eating out, while increasing the food quality you partake in.

Many of the dishes are based upon items gathered at a local Farmer’s Market in Southern California. And of course reflect the tastes of the one choosing those items. So, recognize your version may have a slightly different blend of ingredients and you may pick and choose from the ideas that resonate. Many of the dishes utilize items that I suggest you have stocked in the pantry and reflect standard dishes you will see repeated throughout the weekly menus.

Initially I will just be offering the list of ingredients which is often enough information for you to feel into your own version. However if you are needing more direction and measurements to follow please reply and I will do my best to take these improvised dishes and create an easy to follow recipe.

To your health, hearth and happiness…

Proposed menu for Week of Aug 4

Stuffed Mushrooms stuffed with a millet wild rice blend seasoned with saute’d spicy red pepper, garlic, onion and fresh marjoram
Yellow Split mung Dahl with fresh ginger, turmeric and cilantro
Red Potato Salad with Smoked Salmon seasoned with fennel and red onion
Green Lentil with fresh thyme and yams served as cool salad or warmed.
Excellent on a bed of arugula with a little virgin olive oil and a splash of lemon
Kale Salad seasoned oil and vinegar fresh ginger, cranberries and onion
Garnished with toasted sunflower seeds
Saute’d Chard with fresh herbs
Great for Chard tacos with goat cheese and toasted sunflower seeds
Cucumber and tomato salad with fresh parsley
Sunflower/pumpkin seed pesto with basil
Cut up Jicama and Celery

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